Priority Threat Management for Imperilled Species of the Queensland Brigalow Belt

Our Priority Threat Management for Imperilled Species of the Queensland Brigalow Belt” is online now, along with an article in The Conversation.

Here together with 40 stakeholders and experts in the region, we identified which are the most cost-effective management strategies to improve the persistence of 179 imperilled species in very contested land, the Brigalow Belt in Queensland, and how much it would cost to implement them.

The Brigalow Belt is a crucial region for Australia, as it is a biodiversity hotspot with the biggest repositories of coal and CSG in the country and a long history of transformation due to agriculture and grazing.

We found that 11 feasible strategies at a cost of A$ 57 million per year ($1.60/ha/year) will improve the outlook of threatened species in the region, saving 12 from local or global extinction. Managing fire and invasive plant species are the most cost effective strategies. However, an overarching strategy for ‘building and implementing a common vision’ was vital to the effectiveness of the other strategies, by empowering stakeholders to align their environmental, social and economic goals.



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