cloud forests – microcuenca Gavilanes, Veracruz, Mexico


cloud forests - microcuenca Gavilanes

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to visit this corner of Mexico:

I was invited to record a talkĀ about the vulnerability of Mexican cloud forest to climate change, for an online course on cloud forest restoration ( organized by Pronatura Veracruz (

People working for Pronatura Veracruz have been promoting the conservation of the cloud forest around the city of Xalapa through many different strategies. One of them, is the actual restoration of the cloud forest. To do so, they mantain a native-tree nursery that ‘produces’ the trees used in the restoration. They showed me three patches that not long ago, five, three and one year ago, they used to be pastureland. Now, you couldn’t believe that the 5 year old restored patch wasn’t there five years ago. The other two are on their way to become properly established cloud-forest patches.

Another strategy used by Pronatura Veracruz, is to convince locals with cloud forest vegetation in their properties, to manage them as private conservation areas. They also have conservation projects of regional emblematic species (especially birds and amphibians).

Great job, guys!!!!